• BCITO Richmond

    unit 6 / 72 Oxford Street

    Best all day parking is on Oxford Street or at Jubilee Park.

  • Nelson - Hearing House

    354 Trafalgar Square

    Parking is limited so please allow plenty of time to find a park. There is onsite parking using the Hearing House driveways on both sides of the building (about 7 cars can fit). There is also good parking:  just past the Hearing House at the end of the cul-de-sac; in front of the Rutherford Hotel on Nile Street West but only on the Hotel side of the street; or, with a short walk, on Trafalgar Street South (Girls College street) - this is probably the easiest.

  • NMIT - Nelson

    322 Hardy Street

    Plenty of parking on site

  • Richmond Library

    280 Queen Street
    Richmond, Nelson

    There is a large car park at back of Library but please check time limits, otherwise, with a short walk, Oxford Street or Jubilee Park seem best.

  • Richmond Town Hall

    9 Cambridge St,
    Richmond, Nelson

    Best all day parking can be found on Oxford Street and Jubilee Park

  • Stoke - Nelson Nursing Services

    469 Main Road
    Stoke, Nelson

    Plenty of parking on street

  • Wairua Presbyterian Church

    1 Nicholson St

    There is plenty of parking in the church grounds. Please be mindful that Renwick School, just across the road, will be starting at this time.