• Abelhealth Home Office

    76 Cambria Street

  • BCITO Richmond

    unit 6 / 72 Oxford Street

    Best all day parking is on Oxford Street or at Jubilee Park.

  • Navy league Hall

    24 Harley Street,
    Nelson, Nelson

  • Nelson - Hearing House

    354 Trafalgar Square

    Parking is limited so please allow plenty of time to find a park. There is onsite parking using the Hearing House driveways on both sides of the building (about 7 cars can fit). There is also good parking:  just past the Hearing House at the end of the cul-de-sac; in front of the Rutherford Hotel on Nile Street West but only on the Hotel side of the street; or, with a short walk, on Trafalgar Street South (Girls College street) - this is probably the easiest.

  • NMIT - Nelson

    322 Hardy Street

    Plenty of parking on site

  • NMIT Richmond campus

    390 Lower Queen Street
    Richmond, Nelson

    There is a large car park as you enter the campus, it usually has plenty of spaces and good for the whole day

    Heading west on Lower Queen street, the NMIT Richmond campus is just past the race course.

  • Richmond Library

    280 Queen Street
    Richmond, Nelson

    There is a large car park at back of Library but please check time limits, otherwise, with a short walk, Oxford Street or Jubilee Park seem best.

  • Richmond Town Hall

    9 Cambridge St,
    Richmond, Nelson

    Best all day parking can be found on Oxford Street and Jubilee Park

  • Stoke - Nelson Nursing Services

    469 Main Road
    Stoke, Nelson

    Plenty of parking on street

  • Wairua Presbyterian Church

    1 Nicholson St

    There is plenty of parking in the church grounds. Please be mindful that Renwick School, just across the road, will be starting at this time.

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