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Comprehensive Workplace First Aid

Workplace First Aid

Recertification Courses

Childcare First Aid

Basic First Aid

Basic Life Support (CPR)

First Aid for Young Children

MediTrain for Schools

Certificated courses covering NZQA Unit Standards:

  • 6402 – Provide Resuscitation Level 2
  • 6401 – Provide First Aid
  • 6400 – Manage First Aid in Emergency Situations
  •  26551 – Provide First Aid for Life Threatening Conditions – Level 2
  • 26552 – Demonstrate Knowledge of Common First aid Conditions and how to Respond to them – Level 2

Refresher courses – half day, Full courses – one full day.

Open courses, or private courses at your convenience.

MediTrain Nelson administered by AbelHealth Ltd

First aid instructors are licensed to MediTrain Ltd, a registered and accredited NZQA provider.

To book your place: phone 03-545 7267, or email: