Your First Aid Requirements


Notes from this guide:

First aid requirements at work fall into three categories:

  • suitably stocked first aid kits and facilities
  • where needed, an appropriate number of suitably trained first aiders
  • information for employees about first aid arrangements.


How many First Aiders are needed?

  • the number of employees at work at any given time
  • the sort of work they do, and the sorts of hazards they face
  • the likelihood of people being hurt, and how serious the injuries might be
  • the size of your workplace and whether people are working in scattered locations within the site
  • the location of your workplace, and the distance from medical services
  • whether people other than employees are present
  • Allow for some of your first aiders to be absent on planned or unplanned leave, such as sick leave.


All practicable steps

You are required to take all practicable steps to put in place procedures for dealing with emergencies at work.


What First Aid Equipment is Needed?

  • There should be a suitably stocked first aid kit in each place where people are working.
  • There should also be a kit in work vehicles.

What training do First Aiders need?

It is recommended that training of workplace first aiders is carried out by people who work for an organisation accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.