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Full Comprehensive First Aid course. Covering unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402.

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Schools Full Comprehensive First Aid course - for secondary school students

This certificated course is designed to motivate and train your students to be the First Aid person capable of providing immediate first aid assistance in any situation.


Attendees are trained to a high standard of patient care with both instructor and peer assessment throughout the course. More than 50% of the course is practical so that attendees gain competency with the various First Aid techniques.


This is a 12 hour course split over two days.



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All courses taught by Registered Nurses with many years of experience including Emergency Department

First Aid courses are taught using the MediTrain – Skills for Life system and administered by AbelHealth Ltd.  

First aid instructors are licensed to MediTrain Ltd, a registered and accredited NZQA provider.

Courses are NZQA accredited with unit standards.