Name Duration Price (excl. GST) Next Running
Comprehensive (Workplace) First Aid Courses - 6400, 6401, 6402.
Comprehensive (Workplace) First Aid - 6400, 6401, 6402 1 day From $178.26 22 Nov
Basic (Workplace) First Aid Courses - 6401, 6402.
Basic (Workplace) First Aid - 6401, 6402 From $146.96 Register interest
Refresher - Comprehensive and Basic Workplace First Aid.
Refresher First Aid course - Workplace / Comprehensive 5 hours From $104.35 22 Nov
For Care Givers - Provide First Aid for Young Children.
Provide First Aid for Young Children - 25459 From $65.22 Register interest
For Schools - First Aid courses for their students.
Schools - Full Comprehensive First Aid course From $78.00


All courses taught by Registered Nurses with many years of experience including Emergency Department

First Aid courses are taught using the MediTrain – Skills for Life system and administered by AbelHealth Ltd.  

First aid instructors are licensed to MediTrain Ltd, a registered and accredited NZQA provider.

Courses are NZQA accredited with unit standards.